Thursday, 26 April 2012

Everything on a sliding scale

My friend, Maxine, did me a huge favour by sharing this link  from the smallest thing known to man to the largest observable thing known to man this webpage is as awe-inspiring as it is vertigo-inducing. Honestly my head hurts from the experience but in a really good way.
I tend to stick to biology and there is a "small" portion of it that includes it but sometimes it's ok to make an exception and this is definitely worthy of it.
Enjoy! I'll put my favourite bits under the "read more" tag so you can discover your own surprises. If you come straight to the full article then DON'T read what follows until you've been to the website.

I didn't realise transistors could be made that small
I didn't realise the moon was that far away from the Earth
I still can't comprehend how all the humans stood head to toe have a length greater than the diameter of the sun. I think that's the first stat that has allowed me to comprehend just how many of us there are.

I won't be able to sleep to night as my mind is blown.

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