Monday, 14 May 2012

Name the biologist - week 9

For people who've heard my frustrations at work (which I know I promised to update on the blog but haven't got round to yet) may be able to make a guess as to who this weeks mystery biologist is.

As for last week's mystery biologist; it was...

Douglas Prasher  the guy who proposed GFP could be attached to proteins to visualise their location and movement. He is also well known for the fact that he never received the Nobel prize for this and how he lost his lab and after various other jobs found himself at one point driving a shuttle bus for $9 an hour. This just goes to show that even with good ideas science (or how science is funded) can screw you over. Amazingly the guy sounds far from bitter. Not sure I'd be the same!


  1. Kary Mullis, Dr PCR, Nobel laureate (the anonymous strikes again)

  2. Are you flipper - the super intelligent faster than lightning dolphin?

  3. Not really, although the fin would come in handy... Mullis is a David Beckham of Biology, everyone has sang that Bio-rad song in the lab at some point. Here's a deal: the day you post my own picture I'll say: "it's me!"