Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater

Started a SILAC experiment which i still maintain sounds like a great name for a villain, preferably a cyborg one. I've been told repeatedly that it's quite an expensive process so I was very focused on not screwing it up - so much so that I forgot to think about screwing up other things. Case in point I was splitting my cells, with gene-GFP stably expressed, into the SILAC medium and forgot to keep some of the cells for maintaining a line with.

Checked the -80 stocks and I didn't have any left so I'm going to have to reinfect the cells. Logic dictates it worked the first time so should work this time but experience dictates it probably wont be that straight forward.

The SILAC experiment remains on track for now though.

I'm still giving my flies the silent treatment due to their refusal to show a phenotype and for the P-element excision giving utterly bizarre PCR results that make no sense whatsoever. I'm starting to think the gene may be the gene for using quantum mechanics as it can only be observed indirectly as a null but never directly.

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