Monday, 16 September 2013

Twilight Zone

I'm on vacation from Thursday so have the usual plan of trying to get some good results before leaving. I even popped in on Saturday to get a head start.

Turns out the PCR that was step 1 of my 3 day cloning plan didn't work (despite having worked fine on Friday). By then the sole PCR machine (we have 4 that don't work) was booked until the evening. So the plan of having my gene cloned into a GFP vector is out the window as I'm not so dedicated as to work overnight.

I figured I could still go ahead and seed some cells for immunofluorescence as an extra set of samples to look at during my confocal session on Wednesday. Cell line infected. No point in getting new ones as there wouldn't be time to do anything with them.

Oligos arrived for my fly cloning experiments. Unfortunately my cDNA clones haven't arrived and a trip to stores suggested they may be lost. So that set of experiments are on ice.

Fly crosses! No point - crosses set up now will have progeny coming out before I get back. If i set them up on Wednesday it'll be more useful. Otherwise I'm waiting for flies to get old.

So I've gone from having a busy couple of days to the twilight zone of not having much to do and there been no practical reason to start up other things.

At this stage I'm thinking I either shouldn't have gone on holiday or have started it 3 days earlier.

Looks like it good be a great opportunity to read relevant research papers and drink lots of tea.

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