Sunday, 10 November 2013

Name the biologist

This is a methods one and is pretty handy even if it seems like "magic" to me.

UPDATE: After a little more digging I discovered there's another Biologist who should be in this edition of the quiz. Apologies!

Last week's Halloween inspired answer is below.

Giovanni Aldini who may have inspired Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein". Much like his uncle, Luigi Galvani, Aldini believed electricity could be used to reanimate the dead. He just wanted to take it a step further from frogs to humans. He showed this could be possible with a public display of electro-stimulation of the recently executed convict George Forster. These experiments were occuring at the time Mary Shelley was writing. Besides potentially inspiring a classic book on the responsibilities of science and its applications he also contributed a lot to the understanding of galvanism and its role in living things.


  1. John Kendrew, adapted the isomorphous replacement method to solve the structure of Myoglobin. Pioneer in solving structures by crystallography.

  2. Damn that was quick. I doubt the digital ink has even dried!