Thursday, 23 January 2014

Shame on you UK!

Here is a global map charting the outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease.

Have a look and see how your country does and then ask why it may do so well or so poorly and whether your country actually has the ability to combat the disease effectively.

It's possible the UK's poor performance could be blamed on the NHS (although most/all of these vaccines are freely available) but I think the main culprit is the dangerous myth that the MMR vaccine causes autism. The fact that it remains can be blamed on a mixture of the media, the dissemination of facts by the government and academics and people's ingrained stupidity stubbornness.

So for what it's worth if you choose not to be vaccinated for these common diseases not only do you put yourself at risk but also all those who may not have access to the vaccine. So think of them.

I'm still waiting for a child who suffers permanent damage from a vaccine-preventable disease to sue their parents. It would make for an interesting case. I don't think it's happened yet and here are some links to some interesting discussions on the legality of the matter but it tends to concern other people's kids and not the victim challenging their parents.

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