Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Schadenfreude for Scientists

Had a bad day at work? Angry at another grant being rejected? Well, you could always cheer yourself up at the expense of fellow scientists by checking to see who's made the latest paper retraction. There's a website dedicated to it called Retraction Watch.
Enjoy - unless your name is on it.


  1. "Enjoy - unless your name is on it."

    Well, I loved that one. But you got an option. You can still choose an alias.


    1. That could be an interesting feature, "what's your bad science alias". Professor Moriarty, Dr Doom M.I. Reel are potential "pen names" I'd like to go for.
      In terms of changing your name after the retraction, that's also an option but you can bet everyone refers to you as "the scientist formally known as" behind your back.