Thursday, 9 October 2014

Personality test for Biologists!

Cell Signalling Technology recently came up with a crafty form of targeted social media advertising in the form of "what kind of protein are you?" If my workplace is anything to go by it has prove quite successful.

I got "Chaperone" - "You are a nurturer, your calm and efficient manner brings organization to an otherwise chaotic situation. People look to you for help with projects and advice."

I think many would differ on that description!

I noticed there weren't that many outcomes so I think the following could be included.

p53 - it's all about you, you're the centre of the universe and love all the attention people give you although deep down you know you don't quite live up to it.

Protease - You have a profound effect on everyone you meet - for better or worse. You can release people's true potential or destroy them.

Prion - you hang around in the background feeling like no-one notices you. You'll get the last laugh though as you slowly work you way up to the top, causing others to bend to your will.

Haemoglobin - you are the life of the party, a breath of fresh air. A good motivator of others and able to take a lot of crap off people.

I'm sure there are others feel free to suggest some!

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