Thursday, 8 March 2012



One thing I promised myself, once I started a new postdoc position, was to start writing about Biology more. Well I've finally found a fabled second postdoc position so my excuses have ran out.
I'm not entirely sure what this blog will be about other than a general look at science. I guess the fact that I'm a biologist means it is only fair that I allow a little bit of evolution to take place. Survival of the fittest or things that interest me the most I suspect. My initial plans are to try and do a few regular (a term I suspect will have a very loose definition) features on the following areas:

Bench Press : A journal of my day to day work. I'll try and be as honest as possible about what goes on in a lab, warts and all. I'll even try and tell you what I'm doing - although I'll have to be ever wary that the scoop vultures could circling over me.

Real Science: Not that my science isn't real but I'd like to comment on the stuff that's being published and therefore as "real" as it gets. I'll try my best to keep this as varied as possible and outside my own field.

Silly Science: I'd like to do a "scientific approach" to answering silly questions every now and then. Some Examples will emerge soon that will explain what I mean.

Science Fiction: commentary on science as it appears in all forms of entertainment. Maybe including the odd review.

That should be enough to get me started and hopefully see what works for me and everyone else.

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