Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Name the Biologist - week 2

The last one was accused of being "too easy" - although only one person deemed to try and guess it. It's not like it was Darwin easy! So here's another one. A certain type of biologist should know this one as the guy should be a poster in their bedrooms. So here we go;

Again, first person to post the correct guess wins "bragging" rights. I will put the answer to the last entry under the "read more" tag just in case you are doing the quizzes in the incorrect order.

This one seems to be proving tricky so I'll give you a more recent picture.

It was Gregor Mendel the macdaddy of genetics and an excellent example of how science and religion can co-exist perfectly. Well done "anonymous Vicky", Bask in yor achievement and feel free to improve your CV with it.
I still think he looks like John Diffley (or vice versa)


  1. i'mstuck i had hoped that youd called the file by the name of the guy but alas you must be wise to that trick already


  2. Yes, I noticed that particular pitfall beforehand. The thing now is for me not to forget all the faces for when i put others up in future.
    I can put a picture of an older version of him up if that helps? Look carefully in the picture for additional clues.