Monday, 18 June 2012

Name the Bioblogist - week 13

So there was a week long absence due to football being a bit busy and uninspired but I've manage to come up with a new one. This is an old school one so I will give you a clue, these two came up with a fairly important hypothesis in genetics/biochemistry.

As for the last installment, "Anonymous" wins again by recognising Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Alexey Olovnikov. In hindsight I should have also included Jack W Szostak too. Anyway they get a mention for their work on Telomerase the enzyme that adds DNA repeats onto telomeres, the ends of chromosomes in vertebrates. It's also been linked to cell ageing which wins it a lot of attention (and is often used as a magic ageing up of human clones in sc-fi)


  1. Beadle and Tatum, great geneticists that came up with the one gene one enzyme hypothesis shooting bread mold with good old xrays. Jointly shared a Nobel with Tatum's student Lederberg.

    PS: Highlighting answers in black...Where did that come from? Are you trying to re-enact what Kassai did with the ukrainian goal?

    1. you're good - I wouldn't get these I'm a reverse-player.

      I'm blacking out the answers on the off-chance someone wants to play a previous edition without it being spoiled.If they read the comments first then they are odd and deserve what they get.

      As for the football comment I guess the only defence i can provide is that these events cancel out over time. England should have at least had the decency to score a second goal to render the argument moot though.