Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Name the Biologist - Halloween edition

Time for some scary biologists - can you name them?

And this guy isn't a biologist but I'd definitely enjoy being able to study him - after taking all the appropriate risk assessments.

And finally, he doesn't scare me but I think he terrifies certain demographics...


  1. OK, It'll have to be me (again) exhuming this topic!!!

    The sequence at the top makes me think you would have loved being one of those fly people ectopically expressing Hox genes back in the 90s.

    Dr. Moreau and Frankenstein, followed by The Fly.

    You then finish it with Dawkins...weird...I thought that these days this chap was more into advertising in London buses.

    1. This takes me back (also reminds me that I never gave the answers to the last one I did, or was this it?)

      Top Marks. I think Dawkins scares fundamentalists of the religious variety.