Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Wall of Shame

My group leader told a fun anecdote that I think deserves to be a "wall of shame" entry. He was recounting a tale of a student whose experiment kept failing despite their insistence they were following the protocol correctly. He asked they student whether they were getting the correct pH for one of the solutions and the student was insistent they were doing this correctly. Eventually he asked to see how they were pH-ing the solution and the student took him to the pH meter inserted the meter into the solution and then turned the calibration dial to the pH they desired. "Then I turn the dial to the pH I want and it's done", proclaimed the student...

A fundamental misunderstanding of how a pH meter works but an excellent idea for creating a pH-ing machine. I'd love to put a solution into a machine and turn a dial to a desired pH which would in turn convert my solution into the selected pH.

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