Monday, 28 January 2013

When lab meetings go well

Had to give a lab meeting this morning which meant a decent chunk of the weekend was spent preparing one. This was particularly difficult as I feel like most of my projects aren't really going anywhere and the fly side of things feels reminiscent of the phrase "throw enough 5h!t at a wall and something will stick" but with a frictionless wall.

Anyway, I decided to tell things as they are and suggest I should maybe focus more on tissue culture for the time being as that has the greatest potential of turning into a paper at the moment. The flies can come into it later once the biochemistry gives me some targets to home in on.
The great thing about the meeting is that the rest of the lab were keen to offer suggestions and help with various experiments that should move the cell culture along and I came out of the meeting with at least 3 experiments to do and a plan of action to keep me busy for the next month. One good thing about being the "fly guy" in a lab of tissue culture and biochemists is that there is a lot of knowledge to draw from.

It's always a good meeting when you walk into it on a low and come out of it, enthusiastic about beating the project over the head in a variety of (hopefully) productive ways. Thanks to the PI and the rest of the lab :)

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