Wednesday, 31 July 2013

An institute for evil science!

The X-men: Days of Future Past PR machine is off to a great start with this Trask Industries website. It does feel a lot like a pharma/manufacturing website and I love that it uses graphs! the icing on the cake is a mention of Thomas Hunt Morgan and his genetic studies in Drosophila as a bench mark in their alternate history in genetics :)
It also seems like they are applying a pseudo-scientific approach to mutants by describing low-threat mutations (multi-coloured eyes) and high threat mutations (shape-shifting, telepathy and super strength). The wiggle room for such a variety of powers as the result of one gene is that the "X-gene" affects gene expression on a multitude of levels. Nonsense, of course, but genetically "sound".
They also seem to try and make plausible the concept of mutant detection and suppression as well. It's well worth a look!

The question is would I work for such a company? Well, if they offered me a good salary and didn't base my work on paper publication (but X-gene innovation) and have permanent positions for Postdocs, I'd probably consider it given the poor alternatives. I'd have to check the small-print on whether being Ginger was a high-threat mutation first.

I've heard rumours that a millionaire called Warren Worthington III has a more benevolent research program under the supervision of Henry McCoy. Maybe they can make a better offer, I'm sure my knowledge of Drosophila genetics could come in useful.

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