Friday, 5 July 2013

fly in the ointment

Some afternoons just don't go to plan and this was one of them.
All set to do a GFP pull-down on 10 plates I'd transfected on Weds only to discover 2/3 were infected. That's that experiment in the bin.
I then found out that most of my other cells were also infected. It could have been lousy technique but apparently most of the lab got an infection late last week which I didn't know about as I was at a wedding.

Nevermind, I'll go and set up those fly crosses I was planning on doing. Tipped 50 odd virgins out only to find a male fly in there with a wide grin on its face. Because I could no longer be certain they were virgins they were useless for crossing so they took a plunge in the ethanol bath.

At this point there wasn't really anything else to do and being a bit superstitious decided there was more chance of it working if I do it tomorrow.

The morning went ok with 24 mini-preps. The downside to that was having So Solid Crew's "21 seconds to go" stuck in my head, changing the lyrics to "24 preps to go"

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