Tuesday, 4 March 2014

30,000 year old Giant Virus - no longer on ice !!!

The BBC reported on a Proceedings of the National Academy of Science  about a "30,000 year old virus that has come back to life".  The interesting thing is that a virus can be frozen for such a long time and still function but it was clear the BBC wanted to make it sound like a horror film and I'm pretty sure that's what got so many people clicking on the story today. The researchers also seem glad to add fuel to the BBC's apocalyptic scenario of ancient/presumed eradicated viruses being unleashed due to global warming/mining.

The scenario of a giant killer virus from our ancient past does remind me of "the Thing" and several episodes of "the X-files" maybe now would be a good time for a topical horror film about giant viruses?
If I was a Hollywood screenwriter, I'd be writing the script for 2016's B-movie extravaganza. "it came from within the glacier" or "megasupervirus attacks". Here's some posters to help inspire them.

Or a new spin on John Carpenter's "the thing"?

Unfortunately the giant virus only infects amoebas and not human cells (phew) but they do point out that something like small pox could be frozen out there. It's always good to have another reason to be afraid of climate change.
Maybe the ice-age is the only reason mankind has made it this far and somewhere at one of the poles our nemesis is waiting...

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