Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pint of Science Festival 19-21 May 2014

A quick plug for this year's "pint of science" festival which will occur at several cities across the UK from the 19th-21st May. Not all is lost for those outside the UK as the event is also occurring in parts of the world (have a look to see if your hometown is involved).

The idea, as far as I'm interpreting it, is to engage the general public (who are allowed to drink) in the relaxed environment of the pub. Hopefully seeing scientists with a pint in their hand will make them (us) seem more human and approachable. Top researchers from the cities in question will entertain and educate ("entucate"?) you with their research and from what I've heard there will be anything from games to comedians in between the talks.

Biology is well represented this year with a "life sciences" and "neuroscience" themed subcategories along with "physical sciences" and "geological sciences" (if biology isn't your bag).

Why the plug? Besides it being a cool event in it's own right, there's also the fact I'm helping organise the Bristol Life Sciences event. Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, right?

I'll keep you updated where possible and hopefully some of you will turn up to one of the events in your area.

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