Monday, 3 September 2012

Name the biologist week 21

This week is a bit trickier in that there are 3 biologists to name and a bonus point for what links them. Let's dive straight into it.

Oh and this guy (he pops up a fair bit - definitely not a one trick pony)

That should probably help you on your way.

As for last week, the answer was Craig Venter. Probably best known for setting up a rival to the Human Genome Project in the form of Celera Genomics using "shotgun sequencing". Interestingly, his genome was one of the 5 sample genomes used by Celera for sequencing the human genome. While many claimed the clone approach was more accurate, the competition spurred on the Human Genome Project and Shotgun sequencing has been used for other genomes during and since.
Currently he is best known for his work on synthetic biology in the form of the J Craig Venter Institute, which has some fascinating ideas as well as opening up the idea of owning "life-forms".

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