Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Name the Biologist - week 22

This week should technically be called, "Name the scientist" as he wasn't a biologist. I'm including him though as I read an article on the news claiming he's largely unknown and I don't think that's true. Maybe he's only well known in Science circles or maybe it's just me being drawn to larger than life scientists. Let's see.

As for last week's "genuine" Biologists they were

Carl Woese, Leslie Orgel and Francis Crick They are all connected with the discovery of the ribozyme an RNA molecule that can catalyse reactions and helped formulate the idea of the "RNA world" in which RNA based life (or a precursor to life) may have existed as the sole molecule for storing information and catalysing reactions before these roles were superceded by DNA (data) and proteins (reactions). The theory fascinated me while I was at university as it provides a simpler stepping stone to the somewhat complicated system we currently have. Not to worry, RNA still has a very important role :)


  1. Largely unknown? Rubbish! The man gives name to the unit of magnetic flux density, the Tesla, that everyone hears about when doing an MRI scan. My favourite Serb after Ana Ivanovic!

    1. My thoughts exactly. I think the author of the BBC article was just creating an angle to write the peice. If David Bowie has played the guy he can't be unknown :)